Transmutation 2014

by Internal Devour

Gutted then Shovel Fucked! Long day of hard yakka, Stopped for a meat pie, left with blood and guts all over me. Three shotgun shells caved in their faces. These dead cunts paint the fucking pavement. Chase down! The last! Slut and bludgeon her with a brick, Chained to the back of the ute by their fucking feet, Radio off to hear their munted heads dragging down my street, Like a human fucking sled. Mutilate every inch of him, Bashing him with a ball pein. Splinter his ribcage part with my bare hands, now I’m staring at his organs. Next up, hot young slut. Unzip my pants and rub it against her cold hands, (SLAM) like she’s wanking my dirty cock whilst i fucking gut her, Cut her in half, watch as the organs fall and nailgun them to the fucking wall. It feels good to butcher another fucking whore. Spread her dead legs and fuck her with the head of my shovel, digging out her fucking cunt like I’m digging a fucking trench. Fuck her mouth straight through her head Into her cunt and watch me turn rape into art!!
Marinated Remnants of the Putrid. Violence is all i have ever known, Since i was young, Butchering animals and dissecting cadavers from day one, Psychotic killer, is this what i have fucking become? Another successful day, Another pile of cunts stuffed away, Some slightly decayed. Tonight i have a taste for meat, Walk downstairs into my home made morgue, I feel like human femur, with a side of rotten tongue. Violence is all I have ever known! I like it better when its decomposing I grind the rotten skin using it for seasoning. I rip out the oldest corpse and throw the ugly cunt on the bench, Start the chainsaw and cut her just above her cunt, Then another vicious cut to the knees. I throw half a body in a tub of human fat and grease, Let it soak for the rest of the day. I return home with a nice book to read and a bitch to rape. Fuck! But first i take this beautiful lump of flesh out of the bin its soaking in. I wonder whats going through her head, as i chew on a half human spread. She tells me I’m insane, Now this bitch is in for night full of pain. I shove her head in my oven and fuck her cunt while i watch her face melt. As the blisters pop and explode so does my nut sack all over her back.


Transmutation 2014 by slam tyrants Internal Devour is their second release of 2014, featuring two brand new songs:
1. Gutted then Shovel Fucked.
2. Marinated Remnants of the Putrid.

This promo will bridge the gap from Aborted and Slaughtered to the second full length due out in 2015. Guttural vocals, crushing slams and pure fucking aggression.



released November 13, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Zeke Ferrington @Elastic Prism Studios.
All music by Internal Devour.
All rights reserved Internal Devour & Vicious Instinct Records.

Internal Devour is:
Matt Turkington- Vocals.
Aidan Smith- Guitar.
Brodie Nagel- Bass.


all rights reserved



Internal Devour Brisbane, Australia

Internal Devour was conceived to bring slamming death metal to the masses. Out of Brisbane. Australia Internal Devour is made up of Matt Turkington- Vocals, Aidan Smith- Guitar, Brodie Nagel-Bass.
Our 8 track EP titled 'Aborted and Slaughtere' featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection will be out on 14/5/2014
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