Rape Induced Coma

by Internal Devour



Sick slamming brutality from bisbane lads Internal Devour.
Rape induced coma is a single off the upcoming release 'Aborted and Slaughtered'.


Rape Induced Coma
Butchering this fucking whore,
Laying dismembered on my floor,
Swinging this clever into her cold fucking heart,
I live and breathe to tear these cunts apart,
You all wonder what infects my soul.
A shitty wife or a slutty wife?
What is inside me that I can't control?
Obsession or Possesion?
Killing my mind making me insane.
I can't take this fucking pain.
Clenched teeth, pick up my hammer.
The next slut is watching on telling me to stop.
Spit on the cunt.
Bludgeon her head with something blunt.
Smashing her kneecaps out.
Puncture her lungs watching blood pour from every hole.
Laugh as she fights just to breathe.
The beautiful sound of struggle.
Now you know how I live my life with this knife.

You stabbed me in the back, now I cut off your rack.
Hang it on my wall to remind myself I settled the score.
They tell you anything to escape.
Present their snatch for you to fucking rape.
Arching her back, slapping her arse.
I fill her cunt full of broken glass.
Both bleeding out fucking her arse.
I won't sleep until your limbs are scattered through this shit hole.
Until the floorboards soak up your fucking guts.
The stains remain, reminding me I'm not sane.
Pulmonary Penetration
Nothing but cut up fucking slut.
Spread you open wide, to show your disgusting insides.
Laughing at you while you're crying, smiling while you're slowly dying.
It's a beautiful thing to see.
Someone struggle more then me.
Screaming for once I'm not the one suffering.
Bleeding finally your the cunt decaying.
Your putrid body I start to skin.
Slicing along your ectodermal tissue.
Opening up the filthy slut you are, exposing your flesh.
Now open to the bacteria.
Taking your protective layers off, now prone to infection.
Rubbing fecal matter into your flesh, giving me an erection.
Erection from infection.


released May 5, 2014
Recorded by Zeke Ferrington @Elastic Prism Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Zeke Ferrington @Elastic Prism Studios


all rights reserved



Internal Devour Brisbane, Australia

Internal Devour was conceived to bring slamming death metal to the masses. Out of Brisbane. Australia Internal Devour is made up of Matt Turkington- Vocals, Aidan Smith- Guitar, Brodie Nagel-Bass.
Our 8 track EP titled 'Aborted and Slaughtere' featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection will be out on 14/5/2014
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