Aborted and Slaughtered CD

by Internal Devour

Aborted and Slaughtered I slaughter this bitch for I am not the father of this unborn child. Hammer smashed into her stomach, though her spine. Crush this bastard baby, for he is not fucking mine. Control and obsession is all I want, Hate and possession is all I need. Cut off her tits, watch her fucking bleed. Bludgeon her cunt so she never breeds. The image of this slut alive rots my mind. The sight of this disgusting thing hurts my fucking eyes. Why is she still breathing? (x2) The image of this slut alive rots my mind. The sight of this disgusting thing hurts my fucking eyes. The image of this cunt breathing doesn't suffice. Scalped, Strangled by her own hair. Gutted, Choking gasping for air. Scalped, Strangled by her own hair, Fucked, Cut up Screaming in despair. Choke this vile bitch with her own bile. Screams of pain as blood fucking rains. I slaughter this bitch for I am not the father of this unborn child. Hammer smashed into her stomach, though her spine. Stench of meat, organs fall to her feet. Fresh meat, whorespawn falls from her cunt. To the floor, from her cunt. Butchered fucking spawn. Looking up at me, My cock will be the last thing she ever sees. Penetrate her eyes, Make her blind its tighter then her cunt. (x2)
Rape Induced Coma Butchering this fucking whore, Laying dismembered on my floor, Swinging this clever into her cold fucking heart, I live and breathe to tear these cunts apart, You all wonder what infects my soul. A shitty wife or a slutty wife? What is inside me that I can't control? Obsession or possession? Killing my mind making me insane. I can't take this fucking pain. Clenched teeth, pick up my hammer. The next slut is watching on telling me to stop. Spit on the cunt. Cunt! Bludgeon her head with something blunt. Smashing her kneecaps out. Puncture her lungs watching blood pour from every hole. Laugh as she fights just to breathe. The beautiful sound of struggle. Now you know how I live my life with this knife. You stabbed me in the back, now I cut off your rack. Hang it on my wall to remind myself I settled the score. They tell you anything to escape. Present their snatch for you to fucking rape. Arching her back, slapping her arse. I fill her cunt full of broken glass. Both bleeding out fucking her arse. I won't sleep until your limbs are scattered through this shit hole. Until the floorboards soak up your fucking guts. The stains remain, reminding me I'm not sane.
Cadaver Fornication Inflicting pain on others is my release, Watching the life fade in their eyes. Fade away as they inhale their last breaths, Death doesn't suffice. Fucking their inert corpse is my vice. Chainsaw amputation, fatal laceration, crowbar mutilation. (x2) No one survives, no one escapes. Butchered and mine to fucking rape. Sodomize their assholes with their dissected limbs. Fuck every orifice. Vital fluids as lubrication. Defiled slut mastication. Corpse fucking laceration. Inside a warm cadaver makes me feel alive. No sound, no lies, no cries. Necrophilia is my way of life. (x2) Deep in her dead cunt, makes my dick hard. Fucking her lifeless body while bludgeoning her skull. Feasting on labial meat hits the spot. Destroying this mangled twat, Chewing on chunks of clit, Devouring this fucked up slit. Chainsaw amputation, fatal laceration, crowbar mutilation.
Stench of Flesh You are a worthless abomination, A weak host of a brainless body. (x2) Follow the leader because it's easier, This is my rise and your demise. The smell of your corpse is filling the air that I breathe. Eating your skin my stomach can't fit you in. Torn in half and ripped apart, skin split and throats slit, Inside out ready to be eaten. Cut in half and hacked apart, freshly cut fucking slut, Nothing but a piece of meat. Shut the fuck up cunt no one will save you. Fucked in half and eaten apart, organs out into my mouth. Lifeless limbs moving around inside me. Whore! Her stench of flesh makes me crave to ingest. Whore! Your limbs taste better then your cunt, Devouring you piece by piece slut. Whore! Cheating sluts I live to cut you up. You're still lying to me you fucking cunt. Sorry doesn't work on me you slut. Raping you, your menstrual chunks make it painless to fuck. So I rape your arse and make it bleed as well. I will rip your body limb from limb, I will rip your body bone from bone I need to eat you!
Inlaws and Hacksaws Whore! Revenge is what I'm here to take, The only thing I feel for you cunts is hate. I see the coward behind your eyes, The last three years were all lies. Your daughters out the back, Dismembered hanging by her fucking rack. I bit my tongue for years, now it bleeds. Unable to hold this in, I'm fucking tearing at your skin. Cutting up your wife with your knife, Slicing her into pieces. Removing organs placing them on your naked body. Blubbering faggot your not so tough anymore. Who gives a fuck about that slut, She was a fat cunt anyway. Locked in my shed, father in law It's time to settle the score. I leave their mutilated cadavers with you, To see how much you want to survive. Eat these dead cunts and you live to walk out the door. If you do I'll cut you and gut you to make you eat them again.
Pulmonary Penetration Nothing but cut up fucking slut. Spread you open wide, to show your disgusting insides. Laughing at you while you're crying, smiling while you're slowly dying. It's a beautiful thing to see. Someone struggle more then me. Screaming for once I'm not the one suffering. Bleeding finally your the cunt decaying. Your putrid body I start to skin. Slicing along your ectodermal tissue. Opening up the filthy slut you are, exposing your flesh. Now open to the bacteria. Taking your protective layers off, now prone to infection. Rubbing fecal matter into your flesh, giving me an erection. Erection from infection. Pulmonary penetration. Infected lacerations. Slowly puncturing your lung. Pushing through your chest cavity with something blunt. Reaming it out making it looser than your cunt. Reaming it out making it wetter than your cunt. Nothing but a cut up fucking slut. Spread you open wide, to show your disgusting insides. Laughing at you while your crying, smiling while your slowly dying, It's a beautiful thing to see. I shove my meat in and fuck you 'til I cum in your lungs. Your chest cavity taking every last drop, Inhaling my semen injection. Inhaling, choking on my semen injection. I shove my cock in and fuck you 'til I'm done. Your chest cavity taking every last bit from my dick, Suffocating on my cum. You fucking slut. (x2)


Debut album from Australian slam outfit Internal Devour.
Download the album here: internaldevour.bandcamp.com
Hard copies available from www.viciousinstinct.com

Featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection. Aborted and Slaughtered consists of 8 tracks of Aussie slamming death metal.

1. The Fetus Bin
2. Aborted and Slaughtered
3. Rape Induced Coma
4. Cadaver Fornication (Feat Alex from Human Rejection)
5. Stench of Flesh
6. Inlaws and Hacksaws
7. Pulmonary Penetration
8. Inlaws and Hacksaws(demo 2012)

Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Zeke @ Elastic Prism Studios.
Internal Devour is;
Matt Turkington (Vocals)
Kyle Van Der Ryken (Guitar)
Brodie Nagel (Bass)

Support us by ordering our forthcoming 2nd full length album 'Doomed To Disembowelment' from Vicious Instinct Records www.viciousinstinct.com



released May 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Internal Devour Brisbane, Australia

Internal Devour was conceived to bring slamming death metal to the masses. Out of Brisbane. Australia Internal Devour is made up of Matt Turkington- Vocals, Aidan Smith- Guitar, Brodie Nagel-Bass.
Our 8 track EP titled 'Aborted and Slaughtere' featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection will be out on 14/5/2014
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