Spitting Up Chunks Of Cunt

from Doomed To Disembowelment by Internal Devour

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Track 3 of our brand new album 'Doomed To Disembowelment"


Spitting Up Chunks Of Cunt
Looking around at the pussy overflowing my streets and
I wonder why it gets the best of me.
Young sluts on display,
perfect day for molesting brutality.
My mind can't stay focused on anything.

Too many whores to put my cock in,
It drives me mad I'm gonna snap.
Once I'm gone there's no coming back.
Smash and bash this cunt from the back,
pupils dilate I’m gonna snap.

They walk around with nothing on, I’m gonna take a hit from my bong.
Then snatch and grab the first one I see and fill her throat with ecstasy.
She won't know what hit her, til I smash her across the face.
With a two by four and decimate her jaw,
just so I can shove it in more.

They say loose lips sink ships?
More like loose lips suck dicks.

I'm going to violate this fucking whore.

More like loose lips suck fucking dicks.

Drag her into the public toilets and make her windpipe touch her spine,
smash her face into the walls until she sucks your fucking balls.

Her time has expired, violence fills my veins and in about ten minutes I’ll be neck deep in her mutilated snatch,
spitting up chunks of cunt.

Fist goes straight in and I open my hand,
grab whatever the fuck that I can.
Bowels and insides pour out like a watering can,
grab her mutilated flaps and pry them apart.

She looks like she loves it but who in the fuck would know,
she's got that despoiled fucking cadaver glow.

She looks like she loves it but who in the fuck would know,
she's got that despoiled fucking cadaver glow.

Tearing at this slut like a rabid wolf on the hunt,
this bitch is gonna wish she was never born with a fucking cunt.

They don't see it coming, this abhorrent attack.
Daytime rape is where it's at,
twist her pelvis until it snaps.

Need to go through her snatch to get to her heart.


from Doomed To Disembowelment, released March 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Internal Devour Brisbane, Australia

Internal Devour was conceived to bring slamming death metal to the masses. Out of Brisbane. Australia Internal Devour is made up of Matt Turkington- Vocals, Aidan Smith- Guitar, Brodie Nagel-Bass.
Our 8 track EP titled 'Aborted and Slaughtere' featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection will be out on 14/5/2014
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