Chopped Up and Smoked

from Doomed To Disembowelment by Internal Devour



Track 5 off our brand new album 'Doomed To Disembowelment'


Chopped Up and Smoked

Amputation leads to mutilation,
infections spread, festering lacerations.
Reduced to nothing but fucking bloody stumps.
My cock stuffed in they’re filled with cum, rendering these fucking cunts useless.

I’ll slash her gash and smash her breasts,
this hash rolled up in human flesh.
A pipe made from oesophagus,
is how I like to smoke that kush.

The enticing flavour of humans when they’re cooked,
brings a new meaning, to the term skinned and fucked.

Chop up a bag full of buds
and remove their fucking lungs.

Cut a hole in their back,
stomach fucking hack,
Impale, vertebrae start to crack,
Inhale, as their spine snaps.

Chopped up and smoked,
hacked up and toked,
innards go down my fucking throat,
blood and guts mixed with smoke,
my favourite part of the day,
lighting up a jay and watching bodies decay.
Slurping up the pus and guts,
smoking up this dead cunt like a fat blunt.
A human bong, I’ve been waiting so long.

Cut a hole in their back,
Stomach fucking hack,
Impale, vertebrae start to crack,
Inhale, as their spine snaps.
Inflicting their pain with my favourite strain,
that sweet scent of Mary Jane.

I need that taste, I crave that sweet taste of hacked up human waste.
Thumb screw the cunt and light it up.

Your putrid flesh bubbles and squeaks,
bong water mixed with blood.
I left you sitting out in the sun for fucking weeks,
the flies destroyed you.
There's plenty more where you came from.


from Doomed To Disembowelment, released March 30, 2016
Guest Vocals by: Jason Evans, Andrew Lomastro, Kevin Petersen and Matt Stormer


all rights reserved



Internal Devour Brisbane, Australia

Internal Devour was conceived to bring slamming death metal to the masses. Out of Brisbane. Australia Internal Devour is made up of Matt Turkington- Vocals, Aidan Smith- Guitar, Brodie Nagel-Bass.
Our 8 track EP titled 'Aborted and Slaughtere' featuring guest vocals by Alex from Human Rejection will be out on 14/5/2014
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